Asthma causes vomiting

Everthing You Need to Know About Asthma in Children

The comprehensive asthma website including video discourse on asthma in
Hebrew … Sometimes children swallow the mucus, which causes them to vomit.

Am I vomiting because of my asthma? | ZocDoc Answers

Asthma exacerbations (as you known) can make people feel really bad. … Your
vomiting is probably caused from one of two different triggers. I don't think that …

Asthma | University of Maryland Medical Center

Jun 21, 2013 Asthma is a chronic disease that involves inflammation of the lungs. ….. lead to
vomiting, and worsening of symptoms in hot, humid weather.

Asthma | Better Health Channel

Pollen, cigarette smoke, colds and flu can cause an asthma attack. … Not eat or
drink as much; Cry; Have a tummy ache and vomiting; Become tired quickly; Get

What Is the Connection Between Vomiting and Asthma? – wiseGEEK

May 19, 2014 Vomiting and asthma are connected because severe coughing fits caused by
asthma can sometimes trigger vomiting. This is because…

The Asthma Center | News

Therefore, before settling on an asthma diagnosis, a prudent physician should ….
ventilation, feeding difficulties, recurrent vomiting, frequent formula changes, …

Asthma Information Pack For Patients, Parents and …

When the airways are exposed to certain triggers, the airways react and asthma
symptoms develop. … Vomiting – in some asthma attacks, the child may vomit.

Signs of Asthma in Children | Doctor |

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways, associated with
widespread, … Vomiting and aspiration – gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (

"Vomiting during an Adult Asthma Attack": Asthma Community

Is vomiting during an asthma attack a normal symptom? Will this …. You should
discus this with your doctor to determine the cause of your morning cough.

How to Tell if You Have Asthma – The Asthma Society of Canada

Doctors define asthma as a "chronic inflammatory disease of the airway" that … If
your infant or child coughs to the point of vomiting, discuss the possibility of …


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