Asthma attack kills girl

Schoolgirl, 16, killed by massive asthma attack after running …

Nov 13, 2013 Loss: Ellie Leigh Taylor-Ward, 16, who died from an asthma attack at her … Lisa
said: 'She was a very intelligent, beautiful, popular girl.

Family devastated as asthma attack kills young girl | …

Feb 20, 2014 Kailah Dawes died from a severe asthma attack on Sunday. Contributed.
DEVASTATED by the sudden and tragic death of vibrant …

Acute asthma attack kills 15-year-old girl – News – London …

Jan 12, 2012 A "healthy" 15-year-old girl was found dead by her younger sister after suffering
an acute asthma attack, an inquest heard today.

Family pay emotional tribute to 11-year-old killed by asthma

Oct 7, 2013 The family of a school girl who died from an asthma attack just a week after her
11th birthday have paid tribute to their “Princess Emily”.


Feb 22, 1998 Early in the afternoon, Destiny's fatal asthma attack hit. "She couldn't … But my
little girl is gone and nobody can explain it. " JUSTIN VEGA WAS …

Woman left for dead by friends after apparent …

Sep 3, 2013 Woman left for dead by friends after apparent asthma attack. Tanya Smith is ….
The 20-year-old was one of seven killed Friday night. Missing …

Parents, schoolchildren in shock as boy dies after asthma turn

Aug 8, 2013 She said while child deaths from asthma were rare – such as the suspected attack
that killed a St Ives boy on Tuesday – the prevalence of the …

Asthma Attack – Huffington Post

An 11-year-old South Carolina boy having an asthma attack told his mother, "I'm
dying," and then … Mom Sues Over Computer Glitch That Killed Son … Alfonso
Mendez, NYPD Officer, Suspended For Not Helping Dying Girl Briana Ojeda.

Girl Dies of Asthma Attack After Cop(?) Blocks Way to Hospital

Aug 30, 2010 Last Friday, 11 year-old Briana Ojeda had a serious asthma attack. … The child
was killed instantly, and the nanny pushing the carriage is in …

Asthmatic Canadian teen dies. School policy: No inhalers.

Dec 11, 2013 Ryan Gibbons, 12, died when he had a fatal asthma attack at school and did …
have almost gotten one student, 17 year old Michael Rudi, killed. …. They
watched that child die right there in the school while they called mom.


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