Exercise induced asthma and military

Can you get kicked out of the military for having …

Mar 24, 2009 Travis, why would you go to basic with exercised induced asthma?(asthma is a
DQ, by the way)… You going for a fraudulent enlistment?

already In and might have asthma…help? | Air Force Enlisted …

Nov 28, 2013 hello guys, ive been in about a year and I found out that i might have asthma (
talked … up stairs triggered another. turns out yes i have exercise induced
asthma that …. No one on here is a military doc, so you'll never know for sure until
you see …

The Methacholine Challenge Test – US Military – About.com

Military Medical Standards for Enlistment & Appointment … Essentially, the
methacholine chemically induces an asthma attack. … centers use alternate
testing methods, e.g. PFT "stress testing" for the diagnosis of exerciseinduced

Exercise Induced Asthma and the Military – 911 Job Forums

Exercise Induced Asthma and the Military. I just spoke with a Coast Guard
Recruiter about what possiblities would exist for me in the Coast …


Evaluation for possible asthma. 1. Active duty service members should be
diagnosed with asthma or exerciseinduced bronchospasm on the basis of the …

Military Requirements,etc and Asthma? (recruiter, discharge

Asthma (493), including reactive airway disease, exerciseinduced
bronchospasm or asthmatic bronchitis, reliably diagnosed and symptomatic …

Ask a Soldier : Asthma-Army

Asthma.This includes reactive airway disease, exerciseinduced … use oforal
corticosteroids to enable the Soldier to perform all military training …

Can I join the military with asthma? – FreeAdvice Legal Forum

After highschool I am considering joining the military but I was told that I can't if …
in addition to exercise induced asthma possible in the military.

Do I have exerciseinduced asthma? – Asthma – MedHelp

Well, I started considering joining the military about a week ago, and figured I
better start working out so that I could pass basic training more …

ExerciseInduced Bronchospasm – Onlinecpg.com

Exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB) commonly referred to as exerciseinduced
asthma in the medical literature, can be diagnosed in … These patients are
generally competitive athletes or active duty military who exercise on a regular


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