Asthma treatment history

Asthma History – Through the Ages – Medical News Today

Asthma was described as psychological, with treatment often involving, as its
primary component, psychoanalysis and other 'talking cures'. A child's wheeze
was …

History of Asthma – Allergy & Asthma Medical Group & Research …

In Central America, Aztecs ingested an ephedra containing plant to clear mucus
and, in South America, Incas treated asthma with a cocaine-like dried leaf.

Asthma – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways characterized
by variable and recurring symptoms, reversible airflow …

The History of Asthma Medicine – Alternative Treatments – …

Jun 5, 2012 So you're suffering from an asthma attack. You sit on the edge of the bed and
reach for your rescue inhaler. But it's not there. Now what do you …

A Brief History of Asthma and Its Mechanisms to Modern …

These asthma death epidemics drew into sharp focus the shortfalls in asthma
treatment and emphasised how little was understood about why the airways of …

Asthma: one hundred years of treatment and onward.

Mar 18, 2005 There have been four types of drug treatment of asthma that have been used …
Agents/therapeutic use*; Asthma/drug therapy*; Asthma/history* …

The recent history of the treatment of asthma: a personal view.

The recent history of the treatment of asthma: a personal view. J M Smith. Small
right arrow pointing to: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Asthma Facts – Fraser Health Authority

Treatment can vary from person to person. Historical Asthma Tidbits. It was
Hippocrates (460-357 BC), the Greek physician, who first described asthma and
its …

Asthma – Royal Pharmaceutical Society

People have recognised the condition for centuries, and many treatments have …
Stramonium has a long history of use in India as a remedy for asthma.

Medical History for Asthma-Topic Overview – WebMD

Feb 22, 2013 Asthma usually is diagnosed based on the history of symptoms,a physical exam,
lung … Asthma Treatments for Kids · Asthma Health Check.


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