Asthma inhalers drug names

Asthma Medications: Inhalers, Nebulizers, Bronchodilators, …

WebMD explains how common asthma treatments can keep you breathing easy
and prevent asthma attacks.

Asthma Treatment: Steroids and Other Anti-Inflammat…

These asthma drugs both help to control asthma and prevent asthma attacks.
Steroids and other … Dosages of inhaled steroids in asthma inhalers vary.
Inhaled …

Common Inhalers and Medicines for Asthma –

Your asthma medicines will vary in a number of different ways, such as the route
of delivery, frequency, and dose. Asthma inhalers are inhaled directly into the …

Inhalers for Asthma | Health |

Different drug companies can use the generic drug and produce different brands
– the proprietary drug names. There are many different brands of inhalers.

Asthma medications: Know your options – Mayo Clinic

Asthma medications — Which ones prevent asthma attacks, and which ones …
Theophylline; Combination inhalers that contain both a corticosteroid and a

Inhaled Asthma Medications | AAAAI

AAAAI, the experts in allergy and immunology, provide an overview of inhaled
asthma medications and asthma inhalers.

Asthma Medications: Get a List of Treatments – MedicineNet

Apr 23, 2014 Learn about various asthma medications, including short-term control, … What
are the different forms of asthma medications (pills, inhalers, …

fluticasone/salmeterol inhaler, Advair: Drug Facts, …

Jul 15, 2013 GENERIC NAME: fluticasone propionate and salmeterol oral inhaler
Medications used in treating asthma include those that open airways, …

Asthma Medication Names | LIVESTRONG.COM

Mar 24, 2011 Brand and generic names of asthma medications. … All of these drugs can be
taken either by metered dose inhaler, dry powder inhaler, or by …

Proventil HFA (Albuterol Inhalation) Drug Information: …

FDA to Complete Phase-out of Chlorofluorocarbon Inhalers В» … Please Note:
This Brand Name drug is no longer available in the US. … Allergies & Asthma.


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