Asthma inhaler vs. nebulizer

What's the Difference Between a Nebulizer and an Inhaler?

Inhalers and nebulizers are two different devices used to get rescue or controller
asthma medications directly into the lungs. Find out how they work.

Inhaler or Nebulizer: Which One Should My Child …

Some kids who need asthma medicine start out using a nebulizer. Others are
given an inhaler with a spacer and face mask. Some older kids use only an
inhaler, …

Metered-Dose Inhalers vs. Nebulizers | Allergy, Asthma & …

Jun 23, 2009 The alternative to nebulizers is the simple metered-dose inhaler, … Two puffs
from an MDI/spacer takes 30 seconds or so if done properly vs.

Asthma Medications: Inhalers, Nebulizers, Bronchodilators, …

Asthma inhalers are the most common and effective way to deliver asthma drugs
to the lungs. … If you're having difficulty using small inhalers, your doctor may
prescribe an asthma nebulizer, also known as a breathing … Allergies: Myths vs.

Metered-Dose Inhalers vs. Nebulizers in Treating Asthma

Oct 1, 2002 Current treatment guidelines for patients with acute asthma include the … Small
studies have reviewed the benefit of nebulizers versus MDIs …

Which works better? The nebulizer or the inhaler? –

Feb 14, 2013 “Can you prescribe the nebulizer instead of the inhaler? … the nebulizer so it
forces more dedicated time to managing asthma symptoms.

Metered-Dose Inhalers to Wet Nebulizers – A Comparison – COPD

Which is better, metered-dose inhalers or nebulizers for the treatment of COPD?
Find out the … MDI's are commonly used to treat asthma, COPD, and other
respiratory conditions. A device … MDI versus Nebulizer: Will the Winner Please

Metered-dose inhalers with spacers vs nebulizers for …

Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 1995 Feb;149(2):201-5. Metered-dose inhalers with
spacers vs nebulizers for pediatric asthma. Chou KJ, Cunningham SJ, Crain EF.

Nebulizers vs metered-dose inhalers with spacers …

Nebulizers vs metered-dose inhalers with spacers for bronchodilator therapy to …
were found primarily in children having a more severe asthma exacerbation.

Nebulizer Myths and Facts – Perforomist

Many of the new nebulizers are actually small devices that can fit in a purse or
the palm of … With either a handheld inhaler or a nebulizer, you know you're
getting the … People with asthma who take LABA such as PERFOROMIST
Inhalation …


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