Asthma and breathing treatments

Nebulizers: Home and Portable Nebulizers for Asthma Treatment

Nebulized therapy is often called a "breathing treatment." And a variety of
medications — both for immediate relief and maintenance of asthma symptoms —
are …

Asthma Treatments – WebMD

WebMD explains how common asthma
treatments can keep you breathing …

Nebulizer for Asthma: Read About Attacks and Side Effects

Learn how to use a portable asthma home nebulizer (breathing machine), … the
mask (mouthpiece) and measure the medication for nebulization treatment.

Lesson #7: What to do for an asthma attack: Your asthma

If you find yourself having trouble breathing, perhaps gasping to catch your …
attack is, and you can measure whether you are getting better with treatment.

3 Ways to Treat Asthma Attacks – wikiHow

It is important to stay calm and follow these steps for determining the cause of
their breathing problem, treating an asthma attack with an inhaler, or for providing

Breathing Exercises to Control Asthma – Alternative …

Mar 14, 2011 Breathing exercises can help ease asthma symptoms.

Asthma treatment: Do complementary and alternative approaches …

Sep 29, 2011 Complementary and alternative asthma treatment ranges from breathing
exercises to herbal remedies. Researchers are still investigating …

New Heat Therapy Treatment Helps Asthma Patients Breathe

Aug 12, 2013 University of Rochester Medical Center doctors who care for people with severe,
uncontrollable asthma have introduced a new therapy to make …

Asthma Medicines – American Lung Association

Many good treatments for asthma are available today. Some asthma medicines
relax your airways and help you breathe easier, while other treatments reduce …

Nebulizers for Asthma Medication Treatment –

Nebulizers, or "breathing machines," as they are often referred to by patients, are
devices that allow you to aerosolize liquid asthma medication and inhale it …


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