Your asthma action plan

Asthma Action Plan

See the reverse side for things you can do to avoid your asthma triggers. First.
Second. вќђ. вќђ 2 or вќђ 4 puffs. 5 minutes before exercise. в–Ў Trouble walking and …

Create an Asthma Management Plan – American Lung Association

An asthma action plan is a written, individualized worksheet that shows you the
steps to take to prevent your asthma from getting worse. It also provides …

to download an Asthma Action Plan

IF your symptoms (and peak flow, if used) return to Green Zone after one hour of
the quick-relief treatment, THEN. вќЌ Take quick-relief medication every. 4 hours …

Asthma Action Plan – Managing Asthma – National Jewish Health

An Asthma Action Plan is a written, customized plan to help you take action to
manage your asthma. If you know what to watch for and what steps to take, you
will …

AIM | Written Asthma Action Plan – Asthma Initiative of Michigan

learn about and download written asthma action plans. … Tips on getting the
most out of your asthma check-ups. Adapted from "Guide to Improving Asthma
Care …

English Asthma Action Plan – New York State Depar…

The purpose of this Asthma Action Plan is to help families become proactive …
Because peak flow meters vary in recording peak flow, instruct your patients to …

Asthma in adults: Creating an asthma action plan – Mayo Clinic

Having a written asthma action plan makes it easier for you to measure whether
your asthma is under control — and it lets you know exactly what steps to take …

Asthma Action Plan Form Template and Explanation – WebMD

An asthma action plan is a written plan that tells you how to treat your asthma on
a daily basis. The plan also helps you deal with sudden increases in your or …

Asthma Action Plan – Minnesota Department of Health

Using an action plan takes the guesswork out of treating asthma episodes. The
action plan will outline how to manage your asthma without always going to the …

What's an Asthma Action Plan? – KidsHealth

An asthma action plan, or management plan, is a written plan that helps you take
control of your asthma. Get the details in this article.


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